Ely Renaissance Village 

A visit to the Renaissance Village is a chance to see what housing and life was like in the early 1900’s in Ely. Many items have been donated to the Village and are on display. Walking through each house, decorated to represent the various ethnic groups that lived and worked here, is a chance to see and remember life with wringer washing machines, wood stoves, manual typewriters, heavy metal irons, ice boxes, and all the modern appliances of the 20th 

Local Attractions

Nevada Northern Railway 

Join us for a trip back in time when the iron horse ruled the rails.  The Nevada Northern Railway is a living, breathing, operating historic railroad.  Sometimes it's gritty, sometimes it's dirty, and sometimes it smells of coal smoke, creosote and sweat.  Steam engines whistle off, cars clang as they are coupled together and wheels squeal as the locomotive is turned on the wye.  It is real.

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Ely, Nevada

Ward Charcoal Ovens 

Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park is located in the Egan Mountain Range approximately 18 miles south of Ely, Nevada. This beautiful park is mostly known for its six beehive-shaped historic charcoal ovens; however, the park offers an array of recreational opportunities.

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